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Microwave Connection is the resource for those who love microwave cooking, especially microwave-convection cooking.

The Microwave-Convection Cooking Videos on the Home Page are condensed in length and quality from the full 65-minute DVD that is available for purchase.

SHARP Oven Downloads

SHARP R-820 Grill-2 Oven by Janet Sadlack 

Click on the model number below to open step-by-step guide for your Sharp oven:

R-1870 - R-1875



Whirlpool Oven Downloads

Step-by-Step Instructions

76719 Reference Guide

Step-by-Step 76719

High Pointe Ovens - for more detailed instructions for Convection-Grill oven, download instruction manual from www.cuisinart.com Microwave-Convection Oven.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Seminar Recipe Downloads...click on heading to download recipes from past rallies.

2017 Chandler Rally Recipes

2015 Phoenix Rally Recipes

Indianapolis FMCA Recipes

Seminar News

Although Janet is not able to travel and give classes at RV rallies, you can still learn from this web site as well as her cook book and video. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can stay up to date with recipes and ideas for the oven. !  

If you want more details, drop me a quick note on the Contact page.


The Newsletter has been coming by email every month or two. Be sure to sign up with the "Subscribe" button. Each issue features the current Recipe of the Month along with a photo. There is also news from seminars and things I have been trying in my kitchen.  

Oven News

I am cleaning out my basement so anticipate having some oven parts, like racks and turntables at the Minot Rally if you are in need of replacements. 

Merchandise News

I sold most of my merchandise in Minot. There are still cook books and I will have these available for a while. There are a few other things still available on the "Buy Supplies" section.     

Some of your use and care manuals can be ordered from the manufacturer's web site. Often they can be downloaded onto your computer so you can print out what you want or refer to it on the computer. Another good source for owner's manuals is: www.manualslib.com.  Enter your brand and model and you should be able to find the manual needed. If you have trouble locating directions for your oven, just e-mail me information and I will share what I know about your oven.