Janet Sadlack has been helping consumers use and understand their microwave ovens for many years. She worked for a few years as a home economist for a national food company and then taught high school foods classes for a few years. Her introduction into microwave cooking was helping write the first book for the Litton Microwave Oven. Since then, she has written many microwave cookbooks, taught classes across the country and developed a newsletter about microwave cooking to help people learn to use the oven for more than just “reheating”.

In more recent years she has devoted her time to helping those with microwave-convection ovens, especially in the RV industry. Many RVs install a microwave-convection oven to serve as both the oven and microwave so the normal oven space can be used for storage. For many, this is a new way of cooking and sometimes difficult to understand. Her frequent seminar presentations on microwave-convection cooking at national, regional and manufacturers rallies are always filled. The insights into how to use the oven have helped many feel comfortable with the convection-oven and helped them understand the many cooking possibilities with the oven. Her cookbook, On-the-Go Microwave-Convection Cooking, has become a staple in many RVs.

So whether you’re interested in microwave cooking or looking for help and ideas to use your microwave-convection oven with, you will find many resources here.  Explore the site, try some recipes, watch a video, and email me with any questions or comments you may have. 


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Janet Sadlack

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