This easy and unique pie will surely become a favorite. Great for fresh apple season. Serve with or without sauce. Sauce is also delicious on other desserts or just on ice cream. Use a ready-rolled pastry crust or make your own. Select good pie apples, such as Granny Smith, Cortland, Honey Crisp or Braeburn.


1 tablespoon butter
1 ready-rolled refrigerated pie crust (from 15-oz. pkg.)
4 cups sliced, peeled fresh cooking apples
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon flour
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon-sugar

Caramel-Pecan Sauce:
1/2 cup coarsely chopped pecans
1 tablespoon butter
1/4 cup caramel ice cream topping

1. MICROWAVE (100%) butter in small dish 20 to 30 seconds or until melted. Preheat microwave-convection oven to 400 degrees. Allow crust to warm at room temperature for about 15 minutes.

2. Unroll pie crust onto teflon-coated baking round. Roll or stretch gently until 1-inch larger than baking round. Brush with melted butter. Combine apples, sugar, flour and cinnamon; mix to coat apples with sugar. Spoon onto center of pastry round. Press apples into circle in center, leaving about 1-1/2 inches without apples around edges. Press on edge to be sure no sharp edges of apples protrude that could tear pastry. Bring up outer pastry over filling, pinching folds to fit tightly over filling and leaving center area of filling uncovered. Brush crust with milk; sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar. Slide baking round onto low rack.

3. COMBO-BAKE in preheated 400 degree oven with 10% microwave power 20 to 23 minutes or until apples are just about tender. Cool slightly. Slide onto serving plate; cut into wedges. If desired, top with ice cream and caramel sauce.

4. To make sauce, combine pecans and 1 tablespoon butter in 2-cup microwave-safe cup.

5. MICROWAVE (100%), uncovered, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or until lightly toasted, stirring or shaking once or twice. Stir in ice cream topping. Serve warm.

About 8 Servings

TIPS> Sauce can be prepared ahead and refrigerated. Warm by microwaving 30 to 45 seconds.
> Crostata needs to be warm in order to easily remove from baking sheet. If necessary return to oven for 10 minutes or until warm.
>Refrigerate leftover crostata. Warm in oven or microwave each piece about 15 seconds to warm before serving.